Meet Sue

I first stepped into the world of NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) in 2005.
NAET was quite unlike anything else I had experienced; initially I found it hard to believe that something so painless and gentle could possibly result in the restoration of good health and wellbeing. I first ‘stumbled’ into NAET by chance, which I now know is often the way with many of the folk I have the pleasure of treating.

It all came about with our youngest daughter Rebecca who suffered from birth with chronic eczema. Then subsequently asthma,  anaphylaxis to egg and fish, plus an intolerance to dairy products. The repercussions of this were profound and very difficult for our young daughter and the family.

When all local treatment failed to give Becky positive results, we were referred to a London specialist hospital. They treated Becky very well, but in symptom management only, as we were told that this was our only option. However, what they gave us in the absence of anything else was the tools to cope. Therefore, Becky was on varying strengths of steroids and an amazing array of lotions and potions. As Becky grew, we could manage the symptoms better but living a child’s life was getting harder and the symptoms were escalating.

So, when NAET crossed our path I felt we had nothing to lose. My husband on the other hand being a very ‘black & white’ creature had his doubts but respected the fact that I believed it could help Becky and gave me his full support. When he first saw Becky eat fish, he was ‘hooked’… and by this stage so was I, ‘….. line and sinker’!… and the rest as they say is history!! Becky’s skin is now in great shape, her residual asthma is manageable, and to her delight and relief she can eat as she pleases and no longer has to carry emergency epipens.


Having witnessed first-hand how NAET transformed Becky’s life, I had the desire not only to support Becky but also to help others, so I embarked on my studies to become a NAET practitioner and qualified in 2009.

This was very timely, as in case we were getting bored on the medical front, one of our twin daughters, Sarah, who was then a 14-year-old teenager was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After many tests including a colonoscopy, it was thought that she would require surgery and long-term immunosuppressants. She became one of my first patients and avoided both surgery and medication. Now she is a fit, lively and healthy young adult.

Not to be outdone, her twin sister Claire developed hay fever, which I then treated her for and she has been symptom free from this seasonal complaint for some years now. Keith, my lovely husband, the biggest convert of all, got in on the act too, with varying low-level issues which have been resolved. The family treatment was complete once I treated our mischievous cat Tinks.   He had a weakness to recurrent urine infections and we have managed to keep him away from our friendly vets ever since!

I trust this has given you an insight into where my passion and belief in NAET stemmed from and what motivated me to become a practitioner.

I hope that I have whetted your appetite and you will be as intrigued as I was in all things NAET!

I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you.