I came to NAET on the recommendation of a friend who had found lasting help from her treatment.

Initially I had wanted help with my immune system to cope with viruses, little did I know that the treatment would turn my life around! I had a complex medical history which included gluten intolerance and Muscle Fatigue Syndrome, which required me to walk with a stick or 4-wheeled walker, use a wheelchair for outings and a chairlift at home, being unable to use stairs or steps. I also required a range of medication including morphine 120 mgs daily to cope with my pain and enable me to live a fulfilled if restricted life. This had been my life for the past 15 years.

Having come from a medical background and years of surgery and hospital admissions I could not believe this non-invasive, painless and gentle treatment was going to change my symptoms – how wrong was I!!!

It is now 2 years since I met NAET, the results are not only amazing and life changing for me, but have been an inspiration to others to undergo the same treatment. I can now fight viruses, can eat a normal diet, all excellent in their own right. BUT most amazingly for me and my supporting GP and Neurologist is that I have reduced all my medications including stopping morphine and now only require an infrequent neurofen or paracetamol!! The wheelchair has been removed from my life and like everyone else I can walk upstairs to bed!

Thank you Sue, seems very inadequate words for giving me back a life that I had long since lost, all I can say is they come from my heart and soul. I shall be ever grateful to that friend who brought me to your door as my birthday present!


I first heard about Sue and NAET from one of my clients. I made my appointment to see Sue because I was rather intrigued by what I had heard.

Other than suffering from hayfever, the only other allergies I was aware of having adverse reactions to were, contact with plaster and avocados, little did I know!

Now a year later, I am feeling much better in myself in so many ways. Just to mention two of the improvements, the first
is that I no longer feel tired all the time and secondly my digestive system has improved no end.

I am so impressed that I am now seeing Sue not only for myself but also with one of my dogs, Suki. She is a Weimaraner who has suffered from Mast Cell tumours since she was 4 years old. Now 7 years old, having had to endure four major operations to remove more the 20 tumours, Sue is working towards the root cause of these tumours.

I would highly recommend Sue and NAET to everyone, as there are so many hidden allergies out there that are having a huge impact on our daily well being.

Tania from Bedford

At the age of 7 I was taken on a field trip and vividly remember how ill I felt that day. That was the start of hayfever, which has plagued me every summer for the following 44 years!!! Having tried most remedies both conventional and alternative, I did not hold out much hope when I turned to NAET. It turned out that I had quite a few allergies that needed to be dealt with before embarking on the pollens and grasses. Sue was very thorough in collecting local pollen samples and the grasses that I knew to be my worst cause. After a while it slowly dawned on me that I was walking the dog and had not sneezed!

I also realised that I was not loading my pockets with tissues or requiring a wet flannel on my eyes on my return! I was hesitant to tell Sue or proclaim a ‘cure’ to my family so I ventured out in the fields and woods at times when I knew I should have suffered the most. Each time I returned symptom free I was elated and finally had the conviction to tell Sue my good news.I cannot begin to understand how NAET works but my life last summer was liberating and truly amazing. I looked forward to going out and ‘testing’ my new found freedom from hay fever, and every time I was overjoyed!  Thanks to NAET I can now enjoy summer days to the full! A truly remarkable achievement.

Anne V, Chesham, Bucks

After a personal recommendation I visited Sue M for problems with my knees. I was unable to play my much loved tennis and I had problems weight bearing. Although I had seen various specialists I wasn’t improving.

Freya-Frank-galloping-cropAfter a 3 month course of NAET treatment I was able to use my knees and start playing tennis again alongside other activities.
Our horse called Frank developed a really bad chest infection that the vet treated with antibiotics, it didn’t improve so, the vet then scoped the horse to get a better idea of what to try next. Frank then had 6 weeks of veterinary treatment with no marked improvement. At this point we asked Sue M to take a look at Frank, after one treatment he was starting to get better, after two he was in good shape and has had no problems since.Freya & Trevor high jumping pic 2


We bought another horse called Trevor, he went lame really soon after we bought him. We called on Sue M and she completed a course of NAET treatment and once again within a short space of time he was
making a great improvement and is now in wonderful form. We still occasionally see Sue just to keep Trevor in good form and he is going excellently.

Sue B

I took my son Jordan to Sue following a recommendation from a friend.  He was increasingly suffering with hay fever, was very fed up about it and I was worried it would affect his GCSE performance.

I was a little sceptical, and I still find it difficult to explain the process to friends and family but have been astonished at the results.  Now Jordan very rarely has any hay fever symptoms, and when he does, he can identify them as being very specific, and they go away again.  He has also had the additional benefit of no joint pain in his knees after heavy sport; something that he had resigned himself to at the age of 15.

I still don’t understand quite how it works (despite Sue’s patient answering of all my questions)…but it does!


I was suffering from food allergies and intolerances which had gradually worsened to the point where I was becoming very restricted in what I ate. I had severe skin itching with localised spots that were often extremely irritating, and several other symptoms. Things were getting worse and worse.

A friend told me about Sue and I have had a course of treatment that has freed me of the symptoms and made a big difference to my life. I was quite unsure to start with about the scientific basis for the healing methods and had to keep an open mind. But it worked, and as time has gone on I see that the method treats the whole person and looks very widely at all aspects such as nutrition, lifestyle, emotions and so on. I recommend Sue without hesitation.

Karen E

I am the owner of a character of a dog called Hamish, who is a West Highland White Terrier. Like many Westies he began to suffer with eczema and developed elephantitis skin which is tough and leathery.

After NAET had worked so well for me I asked Sue if it was possible to treat Hamish which she did. After the first treatment I saw both physical improvement and a happier dog. There was no problem returning for more treatments as Hamish loved it!!!

Sadly, a year later Hamish along with 3 other dogs contracted a devastating form of mange. The outcome was horrific. He went from a healthy 8.2 Kgs to 6.9Kgs. He was tired and listless with only 2 inches of hair between his ears, down his back to a thin tail. We had 2 veterinary points of view and conventional treatment which helped but didn’t turn the corner. Sue came into action again with NAET to support his immune system which turned the corner for us.  With the support of Veterinary and NAET treatments running alongside each other, Hamish has recovered and is the happy hairy bundle of fun that he was 2 years ago.

Once again we can’t thank Sue enough for all her help and support in achieving getting us both up and running!!

Jane & Hamish