Testing & treating

The NAET technique is non-invasive, drug free and painless.  If you are unable to be tested and treated directly, this is not a problem, as a slightly different method involving the use of another person, known as a surrogate, is applied.


During testing, you will be required to lie on your back on the treatment couch with a raised arm. You will then be tested using a technique called Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing (NST), based on well-established kinesiology principles. The muscle in the arm acts as an indicator of the body’s response to allergens.



A specific form of back massage will be used to clear the blockages associated with the allergen.

After this you will need to rest lying on your back, on the couch, for about 20 minutes in the presence of the allergen.



Different positions can be used for testing and treating or a surrogate used as mentioned above, if you have any special needs or difficulties.surrogate-edit-nb