When you come to Revive

Your initial consultation, allergy testing and first treatment takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

Before your consultation consult1
Prior to your initial appointment, which is the consultation, you will be sent a preliminary questionnaire to complete as fully as possible. This will form the basis of our discussions when we meet.
The Consultation
We will discuss your questionnaire together, this will provide a clear picture of your case history.
Allergens A comprehensive allergy test will then be carried out, with more than 120 substances, using the non-invasive and painless Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing (NST) technique, as described on the testing & treating page.
This is a very accurate and time efficient method. The findings will then be recorded and you will be given a copy to keep.

You will then be treated for the first allergen, by using a non-invasive and pain free technique, as described on the testing & treating page.

Certain allergens have to be treated in a specific sequence, as they will form the foundation upon which the rest of your treatments depend. Thereafter, your treatments can be prioritised according to your specific needs, to maximise their effect.